Twitter Revamps Site to Match Its Mobile Apps

The fresh new look that Twitter is rolling out has a nice feel to it

Twitter has decided that its website needed a facelift and it is currently rolling out some changes that will make the desktop site look more like the service's mobile apps. 

The company is just rolling out the update, which means that you may not be able to see them just yet.

Twitter enables users to personalize their profiles a bit more, introducing an option that adds accent colors to the screen. The website looks cleaner and the interface makes it easier to spot the account stats, such as number of tweets, followers and people you follow.

The navigation bar is now a different color and has a slightly different style than it did before, while the icons, such as the one for direct messages, were also modified a bit.

The home feed isn’t dominated by your profile picture anymore. Instead, the picture, along with the chosen background image, has been moved to the left top corner.

This is just a cosmetic update, since there’s no added functionality.

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