Twitter Revamps Search on Mobile, Now Includes People, Tweets and Photos

The mobile apps and website have also been simplified somewhat

Twitter revamped all of its mobile apps and the mobile website with the changes focusing on a simplified experience. Both the discover and the search features have been rethought.

The Discover tab, which as the name suggests enables you to discover new or interesting content, not just tweets but also activities, now groups everything in one stream.

Previously, different actions and features were listed in different tabs, now, tweets, activity, trends and suggested accounts are all in one place.

But the biggest change is to the search feature. For one, all results are now grouped together, the results will be a mix of tweets, people or photos, depending on what Twitter deems relevant for the query.

Search is also easier to access, there is now a persistent search button reachable from any section of the app or the site.

There other changes as well, the Connect tab now defaults to the Interactions view though you can change this and set it to display only mentions. Finally, opening external links only requires one tap.

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