Twitter Pushed and Managed to Convince the Pope to Join

The Pope's first tweet is coming today, a highly orchestrated affair

Right on schedule, the Pope is getting ready to make his first tweet. You might believe that something as simple and as short as a tweet doesn't really take much effort, even if he is the Pope. But this is the Vatican we're talking about. 

The pope will send his first tweet today in eight languages simultaneously. His very first tweet will be in his own words, though someone else may write it on his iPad, to speed things up.

But there are also several other tweets already written and waiting to be sent out. He may actually do the typing on those, but he's got a Twitter employee in the Vatican to help him out.

He will also answer a few questions from his followers. The Washington Post has all of these details and more. According to the story, Twitter has been the driving force behind the Pope joining the site.

Twitter has a couple of dozen employees who are tasked with convincing celebrities, politicians and so on to join the site. In return, they get assistance, protection against fake accounts and other perks, like free marketing and gaffe training.

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