Twitter Partners with Yahoo Japan to Bring Its Ad Tools to Small Firms

Twitter has taken a big step with this brand new partnership

Twitter has decided to create a partnership with Yahoo in Japan to bring its advertising tools to small and medium-sized businesses in the country.

According to the terms of the deal, Yahoo Japan will start integrating Twitter ads into the existing ad platform and become a reseller. This will make Twitter’s promoted tweets feature accessible to small businesses, as well as Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends.

This is one of Twitter’s first steps to extend its advertising platform to small businesses over in Asia, even though this is happening with the help of Yahoo and not through its own platform.

“This partnership is an important milestone for Twitter in our efforts to bring Twitter Ads to advertisers big and small across the globe,” reads the company’s announcement.

“A year ago, we launched our self-serve ads platform to all SMB advertisers in the U.S., enabling them to amplify their organic Twitter presence and engage with the right audience. Late last year, we rolled out Twitter Ads to all SMBs in the UK, Ireland and Canada after making significant improvements to our targeting and measurement tools based on advertiser feedback,” Twitter explains.

Furthermore, the company explains that it has noticed how Twitter Ads has helped thousands of businesses grow their networks of engaged followers and to connect with the right customers, which is why it has decided to take this big step.

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