Twitter #Music Creator Leaves for Biz Stone's Jelly

Kevin Thau is leaving the company just a week after launching #music

Kevin Thau, responsible for leading the team behind Twitter #Music has announced he’s leaving Twitter to join a startup.

Jelly is a new startup that was built by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. According to reports, Thau is going to be the new chief operating officer, CNET reports.

It is said that Jelly is going to create products that are to be featured on smartphones and tablets.

Kevin Thau has been working at Twitter since 2009 when he was hired as director of mobile business development after working for tech companies Buzzwire and Openwave.

While working for the microblogging platform, he worked on the brand new music app and he helped find “We Are Hunted,” a startup Twitter acquired recently and that is behind the app that #music is based on.

The company unveiled #music last week during “Good Morning America.” The app uses Twitter activity to detect the most popular tracks and emerging artists and puts their Twitter-related activity in the spotlight.

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