Twitter May Start Hosting Its Own Videos

Following its photo sharing service introduced a while back

Twitter, not content with tighter control over the tweets its users create, wants even more control over every other aspect of the site and how people use it.

The latest rumor is that Twitter is working on its own video sharing service, in the same way it debuted a photo-sharing service.

The idea is to dial down its reliance on third-party services for the media content that gets pushed through Twitter.

Given that Twitter is moving towards a more media-rich tweet, with videos, photos and even apps attached to it, it makes sense to offer video uploads.

Twitter has no plans to become the next YouTube, though. In fact, it's very likely that the actual hosting will be handled by a white-label provider. Twitter uses Photobucket for its photo sharing feature.

The site still expects the majority of the videos to come from YouTube and other established sources.

But it wants to make sure that when someone wants to upload a video directly to Twitter, they do it through a Twitter-branded and controlled video service. It falls in line with the "consistency" theme Twitter has been banging on about for months now.

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