Twitter Lets Advertisers Target Users by Language

Twitter is refining the tools it offers advertisers

Promoted tweets and promoted accounts now benefit from a new feature, Twitter has announced, namely language targeting.

According to the announcement, advertisers can now target both in 20 different languages, while users will be able to see the highly relevant ads in their own language.

“Advertisers can now target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts in languages that their audience understands, while users are eligible to see highly relevant ads in their language. Along with language-specific analytics, this targeting is available to all advertisers globally and through our Ads API,” reads Twitter’s announcement.

Basically, advertisers are now able to use language targeting alongside a series of other options such as user interest, keywords, gender, geographical positioning or tailored audience segment.

“For instance, a travel brand that wants to reach Spanish-speaking travelers in the U.S. can combine U.S. geo-targeting, travel-category interest targeting and Spanish language targeting to effectively connect with their target audience,” Twitter explains.

The company takes into account a series of signals to determine a user’s language, including the language they selected in the user profile settings and the one they use most often when tweeting. If the company figures out that someone is multilingual, that user can be targeted by advertisements in multiple languages.

This is how Twitter's new tool works
This is how Twitter's new tool works

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