Twitter Lets Advertisers Target Users by ID or Email Address

Twitter's new ad tools are bringing it on the same level as Facebook

Twitter made a few changes to its platform and now enables advertisers to find users via their Twitter IDs or email addresses.

This means that you might start receiving promoted tweets on Twitter or tailored messages depending on your interests.

Twitter made the announcement regarding the new changes to its “tailored audience” over its Advertising Blog. It took the company six months to test out the feature, so I’m going to assume that they studied the issue on all sides.

As always, user privacy is a concern for Twitter, which means that anyone can opt out of becoming a target of advertisers through this new product.

“While we want to make our ads more useful through tailored audiences, we also want to provide simple and meaningful privacy choices to our users. Twitter users can simply uncheck the box in their privacy settings next to ‘Tailor ads based on information shared by ads partners,’ and Twitter will not match their accounts to information from our ads partners for tailored audiences. We also have a minimum audience size for all tailored audiences to avoid overly specific targeting,” the company wrote in the announcement.

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