Twitter Kills Animated Avatars and a Million Animated Kitties Were Suddenly Silenced

Twitter won't be allowing animated GIFs for avatars anymore

Twitter has been making a lot of controversial decisions lately. It's making life harder for developers that leverage its API and the latest Twitter redesign, of the mobile app, has its fair share of critics.

On the one hand, iPad users complain that the new app is a major step backwards, all in the name of consistency.

At the same time, the new header image, which looks nice in the apps but not so much on the site, is being criticized of also being added for the sake of consistency, even if it makes the site uglier.

But Twitter's gravest error, it's most sacrilegious move was to ban animated avatars. That's right, you'll no longer be able to entertain your followers with your witty, hip and lo-fi GIF avatar.

Old ones are not getting removed, but new uploads will remain static. If there's one thing that makes it clear that Twitter lost its way, it's this.

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