Twitter Head of Media Quits, Announces Move Through Tweet

Another Twitter leader has decided to leave the company

Twitter Chief Operating Officer Ali Rowghani resigned yesterday from his executive job and made the announcement via his personal account on the platform. The company’s Chief of Media Partnerships, Chloe Sladden, has followed, taking everyone by surprise.

Sladden’s departure is a shock because, compared to Rowghani’s case, whose job was to help the company grow, Twitter is quite popular with the media. For instance, the Oscar selfie earlier this year was such a triumph for the company that Sladden’s position should have been secured for a long time.

The head of media partnerships had been with Twitter for five years, working for Current TV prior to this. It looks, however, that while Rowghani’s departure is tied to his performance, Sladdens’s had been planned.

Twitter sources say that she had communicated her plans to leave a while back and that she was scheduled to wrap up her job with Twitter in July.

On the other hand, even if planned, it does seem that Twitter is changing things up from the top to the bottom, looking to make the company more efficient and find new ways to grow. Ever since it joined the stock market, Twitter has been under constant pressure to outpace itself, to attract more users, to earn more, which isn’t always possible.

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