Twitter Gets Even More Cozy with TV in Bluefin Acquisition

TV networks love Twitter and the feeling is mutual

Twitter loves TV and the other way around. If there was any doubt, the recent Super Bowl should have dispelled it. Twitter was mentioned in half of the ads aired during the game, several times more than any other social network or site. It's no secret that a lot of people watch TV and tweet at the same time.

It's no surprise either that Twitter wants and needs to monetize this. Its rumored acquisition of Bluefin, a TV analytics company, is a great example.

It would be the largest acquisition to date, if you exclude the Summize deal of a few years back, which was mostly a stock deal. That stock is now worth several hundred million dollars.

Twitter is interested in the team but also in the technology, this isn't an acqhire. Twitter needs to drive up revenue, it's already selling quite a few ads, but so does everyone else on the internet.

Twitter already has some unique selling points, data on how many people are talking about brands, shows and so on. A full-fledged analytics tool for advertisers and TV networks could prove interesting.

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