Twitter Forms PAC to Get Front-Row Seat to Washington Discussions

Twitter wants to increase its lobbying effort, aims for Internet privacy and patent issues

Twitter is trying its hands to influence decisions made in Washington and forms a political action committee, also known as PAC.

Other Internet companies are already involved in lobbying efforts, including Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

“We expect to continue to play an active role in speaking up on issues related to the Internet freedom, government access to user data, patent reform and freedom of expression,” said Jim Prosser, Twitter’s spokesperson, The Verge reports.

It is obvious that Twitter’s new desire to dip its toes into lobbying waters comes after the revelations from the past two months regarding the NSA surveillance programs.

Twitter stood out over these months for not being named directly in any of the leaked NSA documents, hinting to the fact that they did not provide data to the government.

Forming a PAC and lobbying politicians enables Twitter to get more involved in issues discussed by the US government, such as privacy and patent law.

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