Twitter Debuts New Simplified Logo (Video)

Twitter's new logo soars towards the sky but is based on the old one

Twitter is redesigning its logo replacing it with something more akin to its goals. It's the same Twitter bird as before, but a bit more optimistic, soaring towards the sky.

"Starting today you’ll begin to notice a simplified Twitter bird. From now on, this bird will be the universally recognizable symbol of Twitter," Twitter explained.

"Our new bird grows out of love for ornithology, design within creative constraints, and simple geometry," it added.

Same as with the redesigned site, the logo aims for design simplicity, it's built from just three sets of overlapping circles.

With the new logo, Twitter is also dropping all of the different logo variations and the lowercase "twitter" name.

The new simplified brand design is probably for the best and losing the lowercase t is probably the best sign of the site, which started out as twttr, growing up.

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