Twitter Debuts Huge Redesign of Its Website and All of Its Apps

The biggest update in the site's history the new Twitter is more app than website

Twitter has just announced a huge redesign of its site, both the desktop and mobile one as well as of its mobile apps. Even TweetDeck is getting a fresh new coat of paint.

One of the big focuses was on getting Twitter to look the same no matter where you used it. The second focus, it seems, was on making it a lot more beautiful.

The site itself looks more like a tablet app than a website and that's really a good thing. The design is clean and well thought out, though not completely alien.

One big change is that the feed is now on the right while the sidebar is on the left, a layout more similar to the likes of Facebook and Google+.

The new Twitter is rolling out over the next few weeks, but the mobile apps have already been updated so you can grab those to see how it will look like.

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