Twitter Brings Pop-Up Notifications to the Web

Twitter can now let you know when someone interacts with you

Twitter is making it easy to know when someone interacts with you on Twitter by pushing notifications to your desktop.

From now on, when you’re logged in on, some notifications will be displayed on your screen. This will happen if someone replies, favorites or retweets one of your messages. It’s also possible to set Twitter to send you notices when you have new followers or receive a direct message.

The notifications are completely interactive, which means that you can reply, favorite, retweet or follow a person right from the notification.

The new feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks, so users won’t all get it at the same time.

If you don’t want to have web notifications in your browser, you can simply go to the proper settings and clear the checkboxes set next to the five areas. You may also choose what kind of notifications you get.

Twitter lets you filter down the notifications you get by choosing what groups of people to receive messages from.

“To make sure you’re getting the notifications you want, go to your Settings on That’s where you can choose what types of notifications you want to get on and via email and mobile. If you use a Twitter app, check out your settings there too, so you can refine the types of push notifications you receive,” the company explains.

Earlier this week, the company has introduced a new design for user profiles that is also currently being rolled out.

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