TweetDeck Gets a Significantly Revamped New Tweet Panel with Image Previews

The new panel is easier to use and more flexible at the same time

Twitter is unveiling a revamped new tweet dialog for TweetDeck, the only client for power users that's still supported in some way, if only because Twitter is behind it.

The new tweet dialog comes with several improvements and changes that should make people more eager to post new things.

The new panel is docked to the left and there's even an option to keep it permanently open. While you compose your tweet, you can continue to use the rest of TweetDeck as you normally would.

A row of avatars enables easy switching between accounts and the most common actions are accessible via buttons below the text.

One new feature that should come in handy is the ability to @reply to more users in one tweet. Also new is the possibility of previewing an image you're sharing, before you tweet it out. At the same time, shortened URLs are displayed in full in the preview pane, even though they only take up 22 characters.

The new panel is rolling out gradually, so you may not have it yet, starting with the website and Chrome app and later arriving in the desktop apps.

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