Turns Out, Amazon the River Still Ships a Lot More than Amazon the Website - XKCD

It's no contest, but the Amazon does have a few million of years advantage

Amazon.com is the world largest online retailer and has made its name on pushing a lot of products to a lot of people as efficiently as possible. These days people buy everything from Amazon, from refrigerators to tablets.

With two-day delivery and other speedy delivery option, all that has to get out of the warehouses as fast as possible.

Still, while Amazon.com does move a lot of products every day, it can't quite compare to the river from which it gets its name.

XKCD, which never ceases to be brilliant, illustrates this point quite eloquently, Amazon the river pushes 220,000 cubic meters, 7,769,000 cubic feet, of water every second, Amazon.com is only at 0.9 cubic meters, 31.7 cubic feet of stuff per second.

It's no competition, but Amazon has had millions of years to get to this point, Amazon.com less than a couple of decades.

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