Turkish Twitter Users Use Graffiti to Teach People How to Change DNS, Fight Blockade

Turkish Twitter users are doing their best to fight against the ban

Turkey is getting inventive now that Twitter access has been blocked and has been informing everyone on how to get access to the popular service that the government banned last night.

There are multiple ways to bypass the blockage, including by sending messages through SMS, using a VPN tool or changing the DNS. While the first one is pretty easy, the other two require a bit more tech savviness and the citizens of the country are helping everyone figure out how to do this.

Thursday evening, as soon as the ban came into place, people started helping others access the blocked Twitter.

DNS instructions were written on walls in Istanbul with spray paint, as well as on posters of the members of the governing party. Since the country is nearing local elections next week, there were plenty of those to go around.

The opposition party saw the opportunity and started publicizing DNS numbers to circumvent the block, while other people wrote down the Google DNS address on Turkish lira bills, which are sure to go from hand to hand.

The country’s decision to ban Twitter is supposedly based on the company’s refusal to remove several links as per court orders. The reality is that the election season is just around the corner and compromising materials featuring the prime minister have been making their way online in the past weeks, including on Twitter.

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