Tumblr Up to 20 Billion Page Views with Some Help from the Mobile App

It's still only monetizing a small portion of that traffic

With the likes of Instagram and even cooler mobile social networks, Tumblr is beginning to look old, or at least old-fashioned. Still, the site, with a little help from the rather slick mobile app, is still growing and growing fast.

Whereas it was seeing some 15 billion page views per month at the start of 2012, it's now up to 20 billion.

That's a 30 percent growth this year alone, but that's small compared to last year. It started in 2011 at 4 billion page views and got to 15 billion by the end.

The numbers are impressive, but they don't mean that much for Tumblr since, for one, it's a site that maximizes page views by design and by the virtue of the content housed there, and two, it's not making much money out of it.

In fact, Tumblr is only monetizing some 120 million page views per day, that's roughly 18 percent of the traffic.

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