Tumblr Posting Gets Disabled As Platform Gets an Upgrade Update

For a little while you won't be able to post anything new to Tumblr

Tumblr is disappointing users as it takes a small break. Well, the site will keep working, it’s just that posting is disabled. 

According to a message from Tumblr, the service is undergoing an infrastructure upgrade, which made the company temporarily suspend the ability to post new information to the site.

However, the company says it will be back online shortly.

At the very least, the Tumblr issues aren’t as bad as other Yahoo tools. Remember when Flickr had to make an upgrade and their entire site went down for hours? It wasn’t too long ago and it actually happened twice.

And while Tumblr rarely has any issues, now that it belongs to Yahoo, let’s hope such time-outs don’t become a habit for the blogging platform.

We’ll update when things are back to working order.

Update: Posting should be back to normal, Tumblr announced. 

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