Tumblr Now Hosts 100 Million Blogs, Double What It Had a Year Ago

The site is still growing incredibly fast, but the important bit is how active users are

Tumblr has been growing like a weed in recent years and, despite taking somewhat of a backseat to more flashy competitors, it doesn't seem to be slowing down. In fact, the blogging platform has just passed the 100 million blogs mark.

That's double the number of blogs it hosted just one year ago, almost to the day. Adding 50 million blogs is no small feat. Granted, the important metric is how many of those are active, Tumblr isn't providing that.

However, it boasts that 80 million posts were created in the last day alone, almost one for each blog. Most of those would have been creative by a few active users, but it does indicate that there's plenty of activity on the site.

But it is clear that a lot of people are visiting the site, it became a top 10 site in the US just last fall with some 170 million visitors worldwide.

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