Tumblr Adds SSL Option for Dashboard, Urges Users to Enable It

Tumblr wants to protect users from snooping, introduces encryption setting

Tumblr is joining the ranks of other social media tools and has introduced an option to turn on SSL encryption on the Dashboard.

The company that is now owned by Yahoo is trying to keep its users safe from prying eyes and make their connections secure.

The feature is an “extra precaution against hackers and snoops” and can be activated from the Account Settings area. As the company points out, there’s really no reason not to turn on this feature.

Other services first implemented SSL as an optional feature only to enable it by default for everyone several months later. That’s probably the same path Tumblr is taking, letting users secure their accounts on their own in the beginning, only to lock down the service in the next few months.

The staff over at Tumblr have been using the SSL feature for weeks and everything’s been going on fine so far.

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