Download TrafficPrivacy, a New Anonymous BitTorrent Client

The tool lets you hide your IP address straight from the interface

A new anonymous BitTorrent client has reached the web. TrafficPrivacy is a torrent client that enables users to hide their IP address directly from the app.

“TrafficPrivacy’s mission is to provide users with real 100% protection and anonymity without additional settings, which can be quite difficult for non tech savvy users. That’s why we include protection into a tiny BitTorrent client,” TrafficPrivacy’s told TorrentFreak.

The tool aims to help those who want to keep their anonymity online to save some time.

Instead of using a VPN or proxies, TrafficPrivacy lets users hide themselves straight from the app.

However, the service doesn’t come for free, like other BitTorrent clients. TrafficPrivacy costs nearly $7 per month, but those who want to try it out first can do so for an entire week.

Download TrafficPrivacy 1.5.0

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