Track Santa's Journey Around the World in Google Maps

Google has found the most efficient route Santa could take to reach all the kids

Google has been tracking Santa as he makes his annual trip for eight years now so you won't be surprised to hear that it will be doing it again this year. What is different though is that Google is no longer partnering with NORAD to do it.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has been tracking Santa since the 1950's, but this year decided to rely on Bing Maps and a number of web and mobile apps. Let’s hope Santa doesn't get lost.

So the team at Google went at it along and, this being Google, came up with a new algorithm to determine the fastest path Santa could take to reach all of the kids in the world.

"On his sleigh, arguably the fastest airborne vehicle in the world, Santa whips from city to city delivering presents to millions of homes," Google wrote.

"You’ll be able to follow him on Google Maps and Google Earth, and get his stats starting at 2:00 a.m. PST Christmas Eve at," it explained.

Santa won't begin his trip until December 24, but the countdown has already started on Google's tracking page. While you wait, you can also discover some of the games and other goodies scattered around the site.

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