Tough New Anti-Piracy Law Goes Live in Norway

Soon, sites may be blocked and people can expect their traffic to be monitored

The entertainment corporations have been fighting for this for years now, and it seems that their effort is paying off.

While SOPA/PIPA was fended off in the US, and ACTA mostly destroyed in Europe, on a local level, more and more countries are implementing new and almost always worse copyright laws.

Case in point is Norway, where a new anti-piracy law is now live. The law gives rights-holders a lot more power than before.

Rich-enough corporations can ask the government for permission for wide-scale scanning of networks, in pursuit of pirated content.

They can also ask courts to reveal who is behind an IP that has been caught downloading material illegally. In essence, it makes mass spying on people legal since, if the NSA can do it, why can’t Hollywood?

The new law also enables companies to ask for entire sites to be shut down or blocked if they are linked to piracy. You can assume that The Pirate Bay is going to be the first target.

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