Total Recall Is the Most Pirated Movie of the Week

There are five new entries in this week's top 10

Four new entries occupy the first spots in this week's top most downloaded movies on BitTorrent. With five new entries in total, it's safe to say that pirates are turning towards a fresh batch of movies in greater numbers.

The Colin Farrell-starring Total Recall remake was the most popular movie of the week with pirates. The Watch, starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn along with Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade, came in second place.

Disney Pixar's Brave was in third place, though the movie's been "out" on BitTorrent for quite a while now, granted in a poorer CAM version.

Last week's number one and number two, The Campaign and Fire with Fire, have fallen all the way down to fifth and sixth place. Still, despite the big changes this week, one particular movie just can't seem to fall off of the top 10, Prometheus is still here, in last place.

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