TorrentReactor Debuts Free Proxy to Get Around Italian Block

The proxy works for four BitTorrent sites, but it will likely be targeted by authorities

Blocking BitTorrent sites has little effect on piracy, in many cases, it even has little effect on the sites themselves.

Case in point, only a couple of days after Italy decided that the solution to piracy was to block even more sites "because this time it's definitely going to work," the targeted sites are fighting back.

In particular, TorrentReactor has put together a free proxy which should enable people affected by the block to find their way to the site.

In fact, TorrentReactor is doing one better, the proxy works not only for its own site, but also for The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents and, all of which are blocked in Italy.

The proxy site is dubbed, fittingly. There's no guarantee that it's going to work for long, in fact, it's very likely that it will be blocked in the country like all of the sites it's redirecting to are. In the meantime, Italian users have a way of reaching their favorite pirate sites.

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