Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2012

The most downloaded flick of the year will surprise you

Pirates have been busy downloading their favorite movies in 2012 as much as ever. As the year draws to an end, TorrentFreak looked at the data amassed over the course of the year and put together a list of the top 10 most downloaded movies.

The most popular movie of the year may be a surprise for most people, it turns out it's Project X, a movie about staging the greatest party ever.

It did OK at the box office, but nothing Earth-shattering, barely passing $100 million dollars. In fact, it was the lowest grossing movie in the entire top 10.

Project X got some 8,720,000 downloads, TorrentFreak estimates, enough to secure the top spot.

The second most downloaded movie is less surprising, the latest entry in the Mission: Impossible series got 8.5 million downloads, even though it grossed seven times more than Project X.

At number three and four are the big blockbuster movies of the year, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, the latter being the highest grossing movie of the year and the third highest of all time.

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