Thousands of Companies Involved in Data Swap with U.S. Agencies Bloomberg

The issue goes beyond the companies Snowden revealed last week

The tech companies that were named in the PRISM slide last week aren’t the only ones that are working closely with U.S. national security agencies.

They provide sensitive information and receive benefits that include access to classified intelligence, Bloomberg reports, citing four anonymous sources.

The participants extend beyond those revealed by Edward Snowden, the computer technician that worked for the NSA and CIA and who is behind the information leak from last week.

Many companies from the Internet and telecommunications area are said to be voluntarily providing the intelligence organizations with data such as the equipment specifications, which don’t involve private communications of the customers.

However, the list includes hardware manufacturers, software companies, bank, Internet security providers, satellite telecommunications companies and many others.

The NSA, CIA and FBI, as well as certain branches of the U.S. military have agreements with such companies, the sources say.

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