There's an HP Chromebook on the Way as Well

It seems like HP is joining the Chromebook bandwagon

There's nothing official just yet, but it seems that Chromebooks are finally becoming popular, if only judging by how many manufacturers are putting out new models. Traditionally, Google relied on Samsung and Acer to build its Chromebooks.

Recently Lenovo joined the fray and now, it seems, HP is poised [PDF] to do the same with the Pavilion Chromebook.

It will be the biggest Chromebook with a 14-inch screen, though running at the same resolution as all the other Chromebooks 1366x768.

The specs are on the low-end as well, though similar to other Chromebooks, a 1.1 GHz Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM and the standard 16 GB SSD.

The HP Chromebook seems positioned between the Samsung 550 and the ARM-powered Samsung Chromebook. It's perhaps comparable to the Acer Chromebook, if it weren't for the SSD drive.

But performance isn't the issue here, it should be roughly on par with all the other Chromebooks, so the differentiating factors will be build-quality, battery life and so on.

Which may not be in its favor as HP only touts some 4 hours and 15 minutes of battery life. That leaves the price as the biggest unknown.

All in all, it's starting to look like the Chromebook is turning into a hit product for Google.

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