There Are Now More Mobile Facebook Users than Desktop Ones

More people than ever have a smartphone or a tablet and they use them for Facebook

Facebook is mobile, that was the oft-repeated theme during its fourth quarter earnings conference call and the company has the numbers to back, it 23 percent of ad revenue came from mobile, compared to 0 percent a year ago when Facebook had no mobile ads to speak of.

But it's not just about the money, Facebook is mobile because most of its users are, at this point.

According to the company's latest stats, there are now more people using Facebook on mobile devices every month than there are on the site.

Facebook is now at 1.06 billion monthly active users, but it's been touting the 1 billion number for a few months now. 618 million of those log in on any single day.

But the key metric here is that there are more mobile daily active users than desktop ones, for the first time. 680 million people now use Facebook on mobile devices, 57 percent more than a year ago.

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