The White House Joins Pinterest

Pinterest is officially becoming a big thing with the likes of Twitter and Tumblr

It's official, Pinterest has grown up, now that the White House has set up shop there. The White House on the one hand and Barack Obama on the other have been extending their reach online.

The White House has official accounts on most social networks and is quick to adopt new ones as they become popular.

This is the case with Pinterest, where the US presidency has secured the coveted profile. The White House isn't particularly active on Pinterest, it's just got one pin for the moment.

But that's not because of lack of interest, quite the contrary, the White House is going beyond the usual expectations and is actually inviting Pinterest users to come to the actual White House, snap some photos and check out the Christmas decorations.

After that, they're encouraged to share their experience and photos with their followers with the best pins being added to the official White House account.

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