The Top 5 Countries on Facebook Are the US, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Mexico

They make up more than one third of the one billion people using Facebook

Facebook has announced that it has one billion active users, one billion people use the service at least once a month, every month. The site has been close to this number for a while now, so it's not surprising anyone. What's more, growth has been relatively slow lately.

But that doesn't mean it's stopping any time soon, it's still got plenty of room to grow in the large, developing markets. Already, the most popular countries on Facebook aren't those you'd call mature internet markets.

Facebook still gets the most users from the US, but that market is saturated and it's the only developed one in the top five.

According to Facebook, the top five countries are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the US, of course, in alphabetical order.

Facebook doesn't rank the countries, but SocialBakers uses Facebook ad data to determine how many users there are in any of them.

The US leads, of course, with 166 million users, followed by Brazil with 58.5 million, India with 55.3 million, Indonesia with 47.5 million and Mexico with 38.3 million. These account for some 366 million users.

The UK is just outside the top five, followed by Turkey and the Philippines, more developing countries.

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