The Top 10 BitTorrent Sites of 2013

The most popular torrent sites at the start of the year

With 2012 out of the way, the file sharing world and the BitTorrent world in particular look quite different at the start of 2013 than they did a year ago.

In the first category, MegaUpload is gone, in the latter, BTjunkie and Demonoid are as well. But that only means that others rise up to take their places, as it always happens.

With big sites getting shut down, pirates must be content that at least one, arguably the most durable, is still here and still going strong.

The Pirate Bay is the most visited BitTorrent site in the world at the start of 2013, as it has been for many years now, in TorrentFreak's top 10.

At number two is Kickass Torrents, a relative newcomer having launched in 2009. It didn't take long for it to become very popular, and attract all the unwanted police attention that comes with that.

At number three is Torrentz, a BitTorrent meta-search engine that only links to other BitTorrent sites to helps pirates find content no matter where it's located.

Not that this distinction will help it much, BitTorrent sites don't host copyright infringing material either and are still hunted

With BTjunkie and Demonoid out of the game, H33t and Bitsnoop have moved in to take their place in the top 10, but the rest of the names in the full top 10 should be familiar to veteran pirates.

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