The Super Bowl Gets 50 Million People Discussing on Facebook

During peak time, over 50 million people interacted on the social network

The Super Bowl wasn’t just a hit for broadcasters, but also for social media. 50 million people took to Facebook during the halftime to discuss the game.

According to Mashable, 185 million interactions took place during the halftime, messages coming from 50 million people.

Other moments from the evening were also a hit on social media sites, including the most spectacular touchdowns of the game. Facebook went as far as to reveal a map of the United States colored in the teams’ colors depending on the areas where there were the most supporters.

Moreover, when it comes to the famous ads that were broadcasted during halftime, Marketing Land indicates that hashtags were used in 57 percent of the ads, which is a new record.

Facebook was the social network that was most mentioned, getting 5 mentions, while Twitter trails behind with only four mentions. YouTube got three, although it was probably the most visited place by people trying to re-watch their favorite ads.

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