The Pure-Web Feedly and the Feedly Cloud Go Live, Days Before the Google Reader Apocalypse

Feedly doesn't need Google Reader for sync anymore

Feedly has announced that the "Feedly Cloud," i.e. the company's replacement for the Google Reader API, is now live. The new Feedly cloud makes it possible to sync feeds and read items between devices.

The cloud is also available to other apps via an API. Several developers are already working with it, and more will follow.

While the cloud is now live, existing Feedly users haven't been ported to it just yet. This will happen over the next few days. Once that's accomplished, there will be no more syncing between Google Reader and Feedly, even if Reader is still up.

Along with the cloud, Feedly is also debuting the latest version of its reader that doesn't require an extension. In fact, new users can go straight to and start using the new app and the new cloud.

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