The Promo Bay Unblocked in the UK, After Pressure from Rights Groups and ISPs

The site is linked to The Pirate Bay but is entirely legal

The blockade on The Pirate Bay had some collateral damage, apart from the users; The Promo Bay, an offshoot of The Pirate Bay but a completely legal site, was also blocked before it even launched.

The move was ironic at best, since it's a site dedicated to promoting artists, and pure censorship at worst.

The BPI realized that it had no way of backing up the block of the Promo Bay and has now instructed ISPs to unblock the site. The Promo Bay domain used to redirect users to The Pirate Bay.

What this means is that Brits should once again be able to access the Promo Bay. It follows quite a lot of criticism, a popular internet petition and requests from the ISPs themselves.

But, as TorrentFreak notes, it does raise the question of why the BPI has such direct control over what ISPs block or not. The initial block required a court order. Changes to the list of sites blocked should as well.

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