The Pope Preaches the Word of Twitter, Urges People to Talk Religion on Social Networks

He is becoming one of Twitter's biggest users, after just one month

The Pope has only been using Twitter for only a month or so, but he's already one of the most popular users on the site, even if he's only made 26 tweets.

It didn't take long for him to become a full convert though, he's now preaching the word of Twitter to anyone who'll listen.

Or rather, he's encouraging members of the church and believers in general to make the most out of Facebook, Twitter and the likes to spread the good word and not be afraid to talk about religion on social networks, as long as it's "respectfully and tactfully."

He goes on about the value of social networks, but also about how to use them the best, not by shouting the loudest but by thoughtful and rational discussion.

The Pope has racked up close to 1.5 million followers on his English-language profile and over 1 million on all of his other profiles, including the newly launched one in Latin. Still a long way from Bieber's 33 million though.

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