The Pope Gets His Very Own Twitter Account @Pontifex

There are eight accounts in total, in different languages

The Pope's official Twitter account is live, despite having been around for only a few hours and not having tweeted anything. In fact, there's not one but eight official accounts in several languages.

The Vatican announced that it would be launching an official account for the Pope several weeks ago.

The Pope's handle is @Pontifex, the Latin name for Pope, so it's obvious that the plan is to use it for any future Popes.

The account, or rather accounts, is now live but followers will have to wait a couple of weeks for the first tweet, which is scheduled for December 12. Obviously, the Pope is not one for random tweets, when inspiration hits.

Besides the English account, which has 40,000 followers now but will likely get a lot more over time, there are accounts in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, French and Arabic.

From the looks of it, more will be added as the profile page is still in the works.

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