The New Yahoo Mail Is Gorgeous with Flickr Backgrounds and Beautiful Fonts – Gallery

Yahoo is unveiling a beautiful new Mail app across all platforms

Yahoo is introducing a brand new Mail, only a short while before the last big revamp. But this latest redesign is certainly going to grab people's attention and, this time, maybe not for the wrong reasons. The new Yahoo Mail, which isn't live yet for most people, is quite gorgeous, both on the web and on mobile devices.

What's more, it looks pretty much the same no matter where you use it, which is quite an achievement in itself. The new app takes a few clues from Yahoo's recent design trends, specifically the lauded and beautiful Yahoo Weather app.

Like Yahoo Weather, the new Yahoo Mail uses gorgeous images pulled from Flickr as backgrounds. The interface elements are colored based on the hue of the photo the in background. Lighter fonts are also used across the board and high-resolution photos and elements are used when appropriate.

There are some two dozen themes to choose from right now, though more will be added over time. Any theme you choose will be synced across devices. The new Yahoo Mail launches for the web, on Android, iOS, and Windows 8.


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