The New Yahoo Mail Comes with a Threaded Inbox and New Composer

The changes in the new Yahoo Mail go beyond skin deep

Yahoo unveiled a new Mail app today and, while it's still rolling out to users, it's already clear that the new site and apps are quite beautiful. Whether the beauty comes at the expense of usability remains to be seen. But the changes to the new Mail aren't just skin deep.

The team has rethought many of the important elements of any email client. For example, the inbox is now more informative, thanks to the new threaded messages view. This makes it possible to see an entire thread from the inbox, without having to open it, and find the exact message you're looking for.

You can also easily take actions on your messages, hovering over any entry in the inbox will bring up the option to star, delete or search for more messages from the sender. On the web, to give you more space, you can collapse the left sidebar and view just the inbox (and the ads to the right).

There's also a new compose screen, somewhat similar to Gmail’s controversial new one. The new composer isn't a stand-alone popup like Gmail's, but it does use simplified layout and controls.


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