The New, New MySpace Is Live and It Looks Great, for What It's Worth

The latest incarnation is focused on music and discovery

There's a new MySpace, newer than the last new MySpace or any of the last few MySpaces. The newest new MySpace is about discovery. Music takes center stage, quite literally, you'll get a player toolbar following you around the site.

Focusing on music discovery is great, it's one of the big problems of the current swatch of online music services.

But everyone is focusing on discovery, Spotify is doing it, Deezer is doing it, SoundCloud is doing it, even YouTube is doing it, inadvertently.

They succeed to a degree, but none of them has cracked it. At first glance, it's hard to see what MySpace could be offering that the others aren't. But it can't hurt to try.

You can log into the new, new MySpace with your old, old credentials, you can also use Facebook or Twitter. The site has been under new ownership for a while now, with Justin Timberlake being one of the investors.

But it's only now getting a major redesign and it certainly looks slick. The new site hasn't replaced the old one just yet, though it will eventually.

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