The New Marisa Mayer-Designed Yahoo Mail − Screenshot Tour

The new Yahoo Mail is here and it's looking good

The new Yahoo Mail is here and, while it's not live for most people, we've got a few screenshots of the new website. At first glance, it doesn't seem like much has changed, but there's plenty to like about the new mail app. For one, it's a lot cleaner than before, it's strictly white, light grey and purple.

Everything is where it needs to be and there are no extra flourishes or anything of the sort. The layout is fairly similar to the old Mail app, which is actually a good thing, the tabs are one of the things Yahoo Mail does well.

There's no more "What's New" tab indicating that the emphasis is more on an app that works rather than just keeping people sticking around Yahoo's other sites for longer.

Marissa Mayer said as much in her announcement, praising the utilitarian aspect of an email app. Given her past at Google and her work on Google Search, the ultimate utilitarian site, at least under her rule, it makes sense.

Other things to notice are the small details like the "menu" settings button, which is becoming a de facto standard, being adopted by Android and Chrome first, then by several Google sites and apps and even by some iOS apps more recently.

The same goes for the Compose icon. Both these visual cues are used by the website, but also by the Windows 8 and mobile apps, for consistency's sake.


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