The New Google+ Follower Gadget for Blogger

Brag about your Google+ followers on Blogger with this brand new gadget

If for whatever reason you're still using Blogger, but don't want to look like you're completely out of the loop, there's now a Google+ followers gadget. Presumably to let visitors know where everyone else is, i.e. not on Blogger, but on Google+.

Gadgets like this aren't new; Facebook has them, Twitter has them even Google had them for a while, Google Friend Connect, but dropped them once it made the switch to Google+.

In fact, Blogger is one of the few places where the Friend Connect gadget still works.

It's hardly the only Google+ feature on Blogger, since you can share posts to the social network directly, add a +1 button to your stuff and so on.

To get the gadget, you first have to switch over to the Google+ profile, from your current Blogger one, if you haven't already. You'll then find the Google+ follower gadget with all the rest.

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