The New Dropbox Sync API Means Full-Blown Mobile Clients Are Possible

The API makes it a lot easier to add Dropbox functionality to apps

Dropbox has revealed a new API for mobile developers enabling them to integrate Dropbox sync functionality into their apps. With the new Dropbox Sync API, apps can work with Dropbox files just like they would with local files. The API takes care of the syncing and caching, it even works offline.

"You can quickly list the contents of a folder, or move, delete and create files and folders locally and see the results immediately," Dropbox explained.

"The Sync API handles caching for you, retrying uploads and downloads, and quickly discovering changes, leaving you with a simple view of files and folders," it added.

Third-party apps can now work pretty much just like the official client, they can access all files, keep them for offline access, sync changes and so on.

While the API isn't exactly designed for replacement clients, a developer could build a full-blown Dropbox mobile app one with full automatic syncing, just like the desktop app.

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