The NSA Scandal, a Disaster for the Tech Industry

Users are less likely to trust the companies involved with the NSA scandal

As the public finds out more and more about the NSA spying practices, their trust in companies involved with the agency are feeling the burn too.

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Yahoo have been mentioned in countless articles for their connection to the NSA mass surveillance programs, whether they were doing it all willingly or not.

Following the PRISM reports, these companies were quick to say they weren’t knowingly aiding the NSA, denying any connection aside from the court orders they received from the agency.

However, while they were portrayed as willing partners of the NSA, they are also victims in all this scandal.

Recent reports indicate the NSA can bypass encryptions set in place by these companies, attack their infrastructure or tap into smartphones with various operating systems created by them. A recent report by Der Spiegel indicates the NSA can tap into information on Apple iPhones, BlackBerry devices or phones running Android.

With more information to be published from the Snowden stash, it’s not only the NSA that is affected, but also all these tech giants. And, in a similar manner, the images of the intelligence agency and that of these companies will suffer on a long-term basis.

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