The Most Downloaded Torrent in 2013 Was Legal

A completely legal bundle of tracks signed by Moby was downloaded nearly 9 million times

Just because a file is on a torrent site, it doesn’t mean it was pirated, as many such sites have said countless times so far, while Hollywood studios try to shut them down. Proof stands the most downloaded file of 2013 – a bundle of tracks from Moby’s latest album.

Unlike most artists, Moby chose to share this bundle with his fans for free. The pack can be downloaded completely legally and the fact that it was shared on torrent sites doesn’t change that.

As a matter of fact, the company that helped release the pack of tracks was BitTorrent Inc., who regularly teams up with artists to release such content packages for free, the company announced.

The torrent gathered 8.9 million downloads in 2013, putting it at the top of the popularity list.

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