The Lucas Oil Stadium Becomes the First NFL Stadium in Street View

You can visit every corner of the stadium, even the locker rooms

Google Street View has gone to a lot of places through the years, from the Antarctic to Iraqi museums. It's never been to a NFL stadium though, until now. The Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, has the honor of being the first such stadium to be featured in Google Maps.

Fans of the team, or anyone for that matter, can hit Google Maps for a virtual tour, and check out what it looks like to be on the field looking up, rather than the other way around.

"With this new interactive, 360 degree imagery, you can march out of the tunnel and down the field towards the end zone, just like Andrew Luck did all season," Google explained.

"Or check out the Colts’ locker room where Head Coach Chuck Pagano gave his memorable post-game locker room speech on November 4, after an inspirational win against the Miami Dolphins," it added.

You can go beyond the pitch, into the locker rooms, and even the upper suits are accessible via Street View. There's no word on whether more stadiums are coming later, but it's safe to say at least some stadium owners will be getting ideas after seeing this.

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