The Little Red Riding Hood Doodle Inside the Chrome New Tab Page

The latest Google doodle works in Chrome as well

Google is working on building the Google homepage into the Chrome new tab page. It's been experimenting with the idea for a while and is now testing it more widely.

Most people visit the Google homepage rarely or not at all, since they start their searches from the browser.

This wouldn't be much of a problem, but Google wants people visiting the homepage so they can check out its gorgeous doodles.

The doodles are the main reason why Google wants the homepage in Chrome and if you've been curious to see how that's going to work, you'll be glad to know that today's Little Red Riding Hood doodle works in the Chrome new tab page as well.

If you want to check it out for yourself, grab a Chrome dev or Canary build, go to chrome://flags (you may have to copy/paste the link) and turn on the "Enable Instant extended API" flag.

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