The Latest Election-Themed Chromebook Ad Doesn't Care If You're Red or Blue – Video

Google just wants to sell you a laptop, no matter who you vote for

Google's been promoting the new Chromebook heavily, perhaps because it's finally confident enough in Chrome OS but clearly also because it was the first time it managed to bring down the price so much.

It's been selling well too, the new Chromebook, at least that's the impression since it sold out in the Play Store but also in other places, like Amazon, quickly after it became available.

Still, Google is not letting off the gas pedal and it's churning out new ads as fast as it can make them.

Which is actually pretty fast considering that the last three ads are nothing but colorful text against a blank background.

The very latest ad to hit Google Chrome's YouTube channel comes just in time for the US elections and aims to make the case that, red or blue, this laptop's for you. Or something to the effect. Here are the other two ads Google made a couple of days ago. Enjoy.

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